Puppy Owners

Letters from My Puppy Owners

Photo of Riley on a Christmas CardDear Riley’s (AKA Flea’s) First Family,

I am righting to you to say thanks for taking care of Riley the first 8 weeks of his life and to let you know Riley is a licensed therapy dog now. He is licensed throw TDO (Therapy Dogs International) and he also has a Good Citizen certificate throw AKC; he achieved this at only 1 year and 1 month of age. Riley is a blessing to sick people, troubled people, children and the elderly; not to mention how much he has blessed my life. His is the best first pet a girl could ask for. We hope all is well with ya’lls family and good luck with your breeds to come. I’m, shore Riley (Flea) misses ya’ll dearly. I will be setting up a Facebook for Riley’s therapy work soon (Riley Roy Dog Therapy).

Thanks again,

Jen Houston and Riley Roy Cowboy (AKA Flea)

I have been asked by Meg to write a letter of recommendation regarding her status within the dog industry. I have agreed with delight. I have known Meg for many years now. We first met when I moved to Austin TX from Connecticut and we purchased a wonderful puppy from her. Meg is knowledgeable with regard to dogs both in terms of training and care. She is very particular with her dogs and attends to their every need daily. Her dogs are maintained with the highest of vet care as well.

I have found Meg to be an honest, hardworking person whose interests in dogs are expressed daily. She and her family delight in them and the dogs bloom for it. I would have no qualms with her looking after one of mine, and actually did ask her to keep an eye over mine while I was out of town. I trusted that she would and would treat them as her own for the duration. Meg is the best breeder to buy a puppy from, they are very honestly represented.

Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information.

Barbara Allen JD

Tripp, Jenny Edwards owner

Thank you so much for letting us adopt Sir Trippopolis Edwards The Great, aka “Tripp”…

When we first saw a photo of him sitting in a field of Texas Bluebonnets our hearts melted. His big brother Yoshi (also a Cavalier) wouldn’t know what to do without him. Tripp has certainly been a blessing in our lives. He is a beautiful, sweet-natured, loving, adorable, and most loyal companion that anyone could ask for.

When we first came to pick him up, I remember how nervous everyone was.  I remember when you took a brand new blanket and rubbed all of your babies with it to put their scent on it.  Then you gave me the blanket and told me that it would remind Tripp of his family that he was leaving and would comfort him. That was so true. He cuddled up to that blanket every night and never cried. To this day we still have that blanket. (of course, we have washed it quite a few times since then..lol).

Thank you for enriching our lives with a wonderful Cavalier!!

Jenny Edwards